Black Excellence in Higher Education Podcast Series

The Black Excellence in Higher Education Podcast is produced by Black Programs at New Mexico State University. This podcast serves as a bridge that connects students with black faculty and staff to form and build meaningful relationships. It also provides a platform to showcase the talents and contributions of our esteemed faculty and staff. It offers as a window for prospective employees to learn about New Mexico State University. Our guests share their expertise, perspectives and experiences as they tackle concerns and celebrate successes that are common to black culture and supporting students of color in higher education. Your co-hosts are Kimberly York, Interim Director and Ignacio Alvarado, Student Engagement Specialist of Black Programs.
Join us for an up-close and personal conversation with Mrs. Carol Hicks, Director of NMSU Trio-SSS program. Hicks has served in various capacities with the federal Trio program for over 35 years. Learn about her road to resilience and passion for students.

Dr. Eric House of the English department shares his unique strategies for making learning engaging and meaningful for students through the lyrical infusion of critical thinking, music, culture, and writing.

Roy Collins discusses everything from his unique career path from Engineering to Law and his love of basketball & barbecue!

NMSU Alumna Jordan Summers shares her journey from Conference Services intern to Event Planner in the same department. She emphasizes the importance of mentors, focus and hard work.

Episode 5 Dr. Gena Jones, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources is a proud alumna of NMSU and Black Programs. She shares her life’s passion for serving others and the intersection of social work and human resources.

Dr. Vandeen McKenzie, Director of Financial Aid shares her rich Jamaican heritage and offers practical wisdom for students and parents about college.

Dr. Henrietta Williams Pichone is the Interim Dean of the College of Education. She has over 20 years of experience in Higher Education.

Dr. Xeturah Woodley, Associate Professor of Learning Design & Technology. She shares her passion and expertise for the topic of women in technology

Dr. Pamela Gray , Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership Administration in College of Education shares the importance of sisterhood and the role of sororities in supporting students of color.

Dr. Patrick Turner the Director of First-Year Initiatives discusses his uniquely blended experience of dance, music, and higher education.

Dr. Monique Matute-Chavarria is an Assistant Professor, Special Education School of Teacher Preparation, Administration, and Leadership shares her passion for special education and her role as Faculty Fellow with the Sankofa Living Learning Community.

Dr. John Idowu is a down-to-earth Agronomist and professor in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences at ACES College. Dr. Idowu speaks three languages and has traveled the world as an educator and conservationist, and discusses his extensive research in crop management and combating climate change.