Black Programs



The mission of Black Programs, is to unite students of African-American, Caribbean and African descent by increasing the awareness and appreciation of Black history through educational, cultural, social and academic programs. Our mission includes maintaining a vital support network to help students explore their chosen academic fields and succeed in completing their degree program. Black Programs gives the students the support and connections needed to help realize the full potential of each individual. We also deeply encourage students from all backgrounds to participate in our events and student organizations. It is very important for everyone, no matter what their racial/ethnic, religious background, or sexual preference to know they are welcome here and this is a safe place for them to study and have fun.


Our goal at Black Programs is to help students reach their potential both in and out of the classroom. Education does not stop at the classroom door, but springs forth in all facets of life. Students are unique individuals with personal values that must be developed and nourished to the highest level by the entire community’s dedication to the educational process.

Our campus community offers a wealth of resources for students to explore. In harmony with the NMSU’s mission statement, Black Programs promotes students’ individual responsibility, leadership, personal integrity, commitment to service and respect for tradition. Black Programs gives the students the support and connections needed to help realize the full potential of each individual.

Support Services

We offer services and resources to prospective and enrolled students, including academic guidance, career advising, computer labs, individualized mentoring and tutoring, and scholarship information. In addition to academic support, we make available collaborative opportunities throughout the campus and community to enrich our students’ educational services.

The Black Programs lounge is a popular gathering spot with an inclusive vibe where students can study, use the computers, have group meetings or just hang out.

2019 Elder’s Luncheon


Community Engagement

Men of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated

Partnering with outside local businesses, community organizations and universities is critical to student engagement, academic achievement and student agency.  Blacks Programs in collaboration with the Black Student Association (BSA) partnered to promote the importance of African American sororities and fraternities presence on campus to student engagement and retention. The rich and meaningful histories of the Divine 9 is woven within the fabric of higher education. These organizations created safe spaces and support where students could feel a sense of belonging and agency.


To understand the future you must know the past. This mural reminds us everyday on which the  shoulders we stand, the enormous sacrifices made and the responsibly we bare.

Location: Garcia Center

First Floor

Room 135